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No matter what your heating requirement, be it for your Swimming Pool, Outdoor area at your Home, Club, Pub or Restaurant or your Factory or even a Nursing Home…Norwest Gas are suppliers and installers of a diverse heating range solutions for any and all of your outdoor, industrial, gas and hydronic heating needs.

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There is no need to have a cold pool anymore!

You paid a lot for your pool and you spend time keeping it clean all year, so why not use it whenever you like? How would you like your pool to be lovely and warm TODAY instead of only during a summer heatwave!

It’s a shame having this lovely sunny weather in Sydney and a cold pool that you can’t use. However, Norwest Gas pool heating professionals can make your pool warm all year round! We offer the best pool heating advice and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our gas pool heating service. With the help of Norwest Gas, you will enjoy swimming in your pool any time of year!

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Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heaters are the most preferred options for pool heating systems and it can provide the best way for you to maintain the most ideal temperature for your swimming pool in any kind of weather. Gas pool heating is fast and efficient so you can be sure that you can enjoy your pool as often as you want in the most convenient way.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heaters are the best solutions to maintain the comfort that goes way beyond the interiors. Norwest Gas has the technology to make sure that you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor environment without the nuisance brought by the sudden changes in temperature. Outdoor heaters will allow you to stay in control even when the environmental temperature seems to be not on your side.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heaters provide a convenient way for your entire home heating. It uses hot water to run so you can expect a highly effective and economical central heating for your home. Hydronic heaters are easy to use and has low maintenance so you are guaranteed of a comfortable and dust free air circulation.

Radiant & Infrared Heating Systems

Roof suspended or wall mounted low intensity gas fired Radiant Tube Heaters designed for all indoor commercial and industrial space heating applications. The smaller models may also be used for outdoor smoking areas, restaurants and any other commercial or industrial outdoor environment which requires heating.